An educational block chain AR game where you can collect CRYPTO CURRENCY and learn at the same time.

Designed by the Swyft team in an effort to raise awareness of the masternode world, tools needed to get started and discover new investors into an ROI space by having fun at the same time collecting your first coins.

Specs & Features

A unique and custom built source code allowing timely, and feature rich updates on the go.

24/7 Live Support

Hand selected Support team available to offer live, 24/7 support across several community platforms. Our developed source code allows the timely resolution of technical issues, and ability to integrate community ideas.

Modern, user friendly design

We have listened to our community and developed an eye catching, user friendly App design and interface. Our design is user friendly, engaging, fun, rewarding and educational.

Education and News

Helping to bring crypto to the masses. By encompassing Crypto, gaming and A.R marketing Crypto Hunter will provide education and news to a wider audience. Providing live and relevant information about Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

Partnershiped Projects

All of our Partners have been hand selected and approved based on projects team ethics, sustainability, and use cases. Projects focused on development, progression, and community.

O.T.C Trading platform (Coming Soon)

The ability within the App to trade your earned coins for your favourite project. Build up your coin balance and work towards master node level, with projects of your choice.

Unlimited Features

Bringing Crypto, A.R Marketing and gaming together in one App, allows features limited only by the imagination. Our custom built source code allows for the implementation of new ideas and features in an impressive, timely fashion.

Upgradable wallets

Effort brings with it reward. As coin balances increase, users will have the ability to upgrade their wallets to the next level. Wallet upgrades will bring with it a level of status for the user. Healthy competition.

Active Withdrawals

You have worked hard to collect your coins. Your effort should equal reward, correct? The Crypto Hunter App has the ability to withdraw your hard earned crypto to an external wallet.

Push notifications (Coming soon)

Live push notifications direct to your phone screen, displaying news, competitions, updates, gaming features, and other must have information.

V.I.P Alliance Group

All partner projects will be invited to join the Crypto Hunter Alliance group, where we will share ideas, concepts, contacts, and beneficial information to target growth and success.

High Resolution

High Res graphics and features bring crypto to life. Customised, 3 dimensional crypto coins will pop into life on your phones screen.

A.R (Augmented Reality) Marketing (Coming Soon)

Feature your brand in our eye catching, and interactive A.R platform. Engage with the consumer in an exciting, memorable way. Offer rewards, discounts, and incentives all linking back to your own business model.

Current Coin Offering

Real Projects for Crypto Collectors - Turning Hunters into Investors!

Preview Video

Our First Preview Video - Will be updated soon with Coin Addition Game Play

Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Coin Listing Inquiry!

Want to be listed? Feel free to drop us an enquiry via email in contact us. Alternatively make contact via the Dev team on Discord or Telegram in the Links at the Footer of this page. We endeavour to have a listing form built soon to capture most information from inquiry as listing can be implemented very quickly.

Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions List with us!

Our Team

A Rapidly Expanding Passionate Dev Team.


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The Innovator!


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